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Batman: Arkham Origins to feature the Mad Hatter

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on 23 July 2013

Jervis Tetch, otherwise known as The Mad Hatter, is the latest villain confirmed to make an appearance in the forthcoming superhero prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins.

News comes following the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (via VG247), which confirms Mad Hatter will feature in an expanded role in the game. He previously had a cameo in Arkham City.

This time around, Mad Hatter serves as the antagonist in the ‘psychotropic’ sequences that evoke the Scarecrow’s memorable nightmare stages from Arkham Asylum.

In an appropriate nod to Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter’s stages see Batman navigating locations filled with tea-made rivers and floating playing cards.

Arkham Origins takes place five years before Arkham Asylum on Christmas Eve, and sees the Caped Crusader targeted for assassination. The game features a host of new features, including a fast-travel system, the Remote Claw and more. Aside from the core story, players can also participate in side quests known as ‘Crime in Progress,’ putting Bats’ detective skills to good use as he assists the Gotham City Police Department.

Batman: Arkham Origins is scheduled to ship on October 25 for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.