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PS4 Driveclub pre-order bonuses might sway you away from free PS Plus version

on 20 August 2013

The PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub will be free to all subscribers once the PlayStation 4 releases, but the freshly released pre-order bonuses might be enough to coax gamers into coughing up the cost for a full retail game.

Through three different pre-order outlets, gamers have access to three unique cars that can only be found in their respective pre-orders, including a McLaren for preordering from Gamestop, the Mercedes SLS AMG from Amazon, and the RUF directly from Driveclub's official website.

On top of all this, each and every pre-order, which encompasses both digital and physical copies, will include three months of free PS Plus access. This means that all gamers coming from other consoles can have access to a vast array of free titles with the purchase of a Driveclub; surely, all pre-existing PS Plus accounts will simply have the extra three months stack onto the end of their subscriptions for free as well.


The PS Plus Edition of Driveclub will have plenty of content to experience, but it will not have everything that the retail copy will have. Fortunately, if Driveclub hits a spark with you while playing the free version, a complete game unlock can be purchased from the PlayStation Store, and players can continue on with their progress; let it be known that the PS Plus, and the game unlock, will only be accessible with an active PS Plus account.


Take a look at the short videos which feature each car and from where to pre-order them. Does this change your mind from downloading the PS Plus version of Driveclub and purchasing the retail copy?

Via PS Blog