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Crazy Strike Bowling gets PSN release, requires PlayStation Move

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on 22 August 2013

Aksys Games has released Crazy Strike Bowling, a multiplayer bowling game exclusive to the PlayStation Network.

Known for developing games within the BlazBlue and Zero Escape series, Aksys describes Crazy Strike Bowling as a wacky experience that sees players compete in non-traditional bowling arenas amongst the pyramids of ancient Egypt or in snow-covered regions. Up to four players can battle it out against each other, although PlayStation Move will be required to play the game to control aiming, swinging and bowling ball movement. Some environments may have a bearing on gameplay too, such as sweeping winds that can blow your bowling ball off course.

The game exudes a family-orientated, party vibe, with unlockable costumes and balls, six different characters with their own special abilities, and three game modes including a challenge mode that requires players to dodge obstacles.

Facebook integration will also allow players to organize teams with their friends and display trophies on their homepage for bragging rights.

Crazy Strike Bowling is available now and priced at $14.99.

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