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GTA V soundtrack leaks, click here for the no-spoiler details

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on 26 August 2013

Over the weekend, Grand Theft Auto V information was leaked when the game started pre-loading for PS3 users who purchased the Day 1 Digital version. Clever file readers started digging, and among the secrets unearthed is the game's soundtrack, which looks to channel West Coast vibes like no game has done since... well, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Here's the thing: we know you don't want spoilers for Grand Theft Auto V ahead of its imminent September 17 release. Neither do I (though, regrettably, my eyes caught a few of the game's music tracks in the process of writing this article). So, we're not going to list what's been discovered about the game's soundtrack here. For that, head on over to Reddit, where users continue to piece together the entire soundtrack based on clues from the game's file.

It's not a perfect record (yet), but there's enough there to give you a good idea of how playing Grand Theft Auto V will feel. And if I do say so myself, it's going to feel pretty damn great.

Please refrain from posting soundtrack spoilers in the comments below, but feel free to give your general impression. Then, stay glued to for our review of Grand Theft Auto V, which is just around the corner.