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Square Enix halts Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn downloads, restrictions

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on 29 August 2013

Square Enix yesterday stopped digital download sales of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which launched two days ago, in a response to the congestion that the game is suffering.

The restriction is a response to congestion suffered since the start of early access to the game. Square Enix expects the restriction to be lifted by the start of next week, by which time they should have created new servers and enhanced "the performance of the login and match making processes on both the Japanese and North American & European data centers".

This follows issues during early access, and "login and character restrictions" that have been placed on players of the game to ease current congestion. Square Enix stated those restrictions will be in place in a post intended for those using Japanese data centers, and then made a follow-up announcement suggesting it was not referring to North America and Europe. Reams of player comments on the official website and earlier posts, including this rather definitive one, written after the game's launch, seem to contradict Square Enix's current position. Perhaps it only meant login and character restrictions won't last until early next week, as was stated would likely be the case for Japan?

We'll be in contact with Square Enix regarding this confusion and update you as soon as we get a response.

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