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PS4 and Vita games on any TV? PS Vita TV is the most exciting PlayStation hardware since PS4 itself

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on 9 September 2013

Sony's latest PlayStation hardware might still be flying under your radar, as PS Vita TV was revealed today during a SCEJ livestream in the wee hours of the North American and European mornings. But PS Vita TV should absolutely be at the top of your most-wanted list, because this unassuming little device could change the PlayStation world.

PS Vita TV is a microconsole with multiple functions. Here's why you should be excited:

It will play Vita games in 720p through an HDMI connection to your HDTV.

PS4 games can be streamed to PS Vita TV with Remote Play.

Video content, including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube can also be streamed.

PSP games and PSone Classics are also compatible, for a current total of 1,300 compatible games.

It will work with DualShock 4 and DualShock 3 controllers. Two controllers can be connected at once. Multiplayer!

You can put PS Vita TV in Standby Mode and return to instantly resume gameplay where you left off.

It's tiny, and weights about 100 grams. How much is 100 grams? Hold up five pieces of sliced bread. Yes, it's that light.

It will cost 9,954 yen, the rough equivalent of $100.


What does it all mean? With PS Vita TV, you can play PS4 and Vita games on any HDTV in the house. When you're home, put Killzone Mercenary on the big-screen. When your significant other wants to watch Bar Rescue on the living room TV, take this tiny device to the bedroom and play inFAMOUS: Second Son where you left off. The convenience and portability of PS Vita TV will be like having a PS4 for every TV you own and a Vita with HDMI out. You'll never be without entertainment, whether it takes the form of blockbuster games, stellar indie titles, the latest movies and TV shows, or streaming music.

That's not even considering possibilities outside the home. Remote Play works over any internet connection, so the days of lugging your PS4 to LAN parties and home for the holidays are over. Instead, put PS Vita TV in your jeans pocket. Or your shirt pocket. Or your purse. Hell, twiddle it through your fingers before plugging it in and playing Destiny, or Watch Dogs, or The Elder Scrolls Online anywhere you go.

Western release dates have yet to be announced, but PS Vita TV is dropping in Japan on November 14, 2013--one day before PS4 launches in North America. Coincidence? I don't think so, but regardless, I want this device in my life as soon as possible. With multiple gamers, TVs, and consoles in my house, moving hardware and accommodating for different play spaces is a pain, and once I get my PS4, I know I won't want to move it in those precious first few weeks. Plus, I'm anxious to see how games like Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Persona 4 Golden, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss will play on an HDTV with a DualShock controller.

PS Vita TV is the perfect device for me, the PlayStation gamer. Bravo, Sony. I haven't been this excited about a hardware announcement since PS4 itself.

Check out the next page for full hardware specs and details, straight from Sony.

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