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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD release window finally announced

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on 19 September 2013

The long-awaited re-release of Squaresoft's acclaimed title Final Fantasy X, as well as its direct sequel Final Fantasy X-2, finally has a release window.

According to the PlayStation Blog, FFX/X-2 are set to hit both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this winter. Unfortunately, an exact release date hasn't been slated, but, for many people, this will be yet another reason on top of many other great upcoming titles for gamers to keep their PS3s next to their PlayStation 4s after November 15 hits. 

After the news was officially broken on the HD Collection earlier this year, fans have been giddy to get their hands on the beloved titles once again. When determining on which console to buy the game, fans can feel free to choose either the PS3 or the PS Vita initially and buy the other version later, considering that FF X/X-2 will support cross-save

FFX/X-2 will not only be a re-release, it will be, as the name implies, a remastered version of Squaresoft's original vision, including enhanced graphics and a freshly-recorded soundtrack. Preorders are available at both Amazon and Gamestop, so give them a click and secure yourself a copy; it's also worth mentioning that the PS Vita is not yet available for pre-order, which is somewhat baffling, since the PS3 version has been available since March.

For now, enjoy this fresh trailer of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, which runs through character and Eidolon Overdrives in all their nostalgic glory.