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Firmware updates to be less frequent

It's good news all round for PlayStation 3 gamers, after Sony revealed that they are hoping to make firmware updates less frequent.

Many fans are getting frustrated by the sheer number of firmware updates seen recently, particularly as many bring just minor updates. Not that we mind when there are major updates, though.

Eric Lempel, PlayStation Director of Network Operations, told MTV: "We're trying to certainly cut down on the amount of times we do it. But on occasion when we've got these good features ready to go, let's give them out to the consumers. Let's get them out there. We definitely understand that it does happen frequently and that can be somewhat annoying to some users."

Although gamers can continue to play their games without the firmware updates, they are unable to sign in to PlayStation Network and therefore are unable to participate in online gaming.

One more firmware update is still expected this year, with the much-desired in-game XMB, custom soundtracks and friends list functionality rumoured to be included.

Source: GameDaily