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Climax refuses to comment on Silent Hill Origins port

on 10 December 2007

The developers behind the PlayStation Portable title Silent Hill Origins have refused to confirm or deny speculation that they are planning on porting the game to PlayStation 2.

Rumours of a PS2 port originated following the appearance of a fact sheet allegedly detailing that Climax had been tasked with porting the game to Sony’s seven-year old console.

Speculation was later fuelled after the company admitted on its website that it had been working on an un-announced PS2 title.

After contacting the company, CVG was simply informed that the developer “can't discuss such matters"; similarly, a Konami spokesperson also refused comment.

Silent Hill Origins is a prequel to the original 1999 PlayStation release in the series, pitting gamers in the shoes of truck driver Travis O’ Grady, who finds himself wondering the foggy streets after encountering a strange apparition on the road outside town.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Source: CVG