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PS4 games in development at Silent Hill: Shattered Memories dev

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on 11 October 2013

The CEO of Climax Studios has confirmed that the company has two PlayStation 4 titles in development.

Speaking with the latest issue of MCV, Simon Gardener said that the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories developer has begun working with next-generation systems, stating, “we have two PS4 games and one Xbox One title in development for our clients.”

“We have been working closely with Sony on the social app capabilities of PS4,” he added, “and I think we are one of the most experienced developers in this on console.”

Climax’s involvement with Konami’s psychological horror franchise also extends to the PlayStation Portable title Silent Hill: Origins (aka Silent Hill: Zero in Japan). In addition, it also worked on the PC version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Whether or not Climax’s next-generation projects pertain to any Konami-owned series remains unknown, but it is certainly a possibility.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted.