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FF XIV free 7- day World Transfer Service dated and detailed

on 11 October 2013

Square-Enix announced today further details on the limited-time free World Transfer Service coming next week.

To help alleviate the last of the frustrations that came with Final Fantasy XIV's shaky launch, Square is allowing free character transfers for players who wish to change servers, which allows friends to join up and servers to decongest. A few limitations to help maintain balance will be in place, including a few extra steps for those who wish to move between multiple servers or move multiple characters. Each character transfer must have an application for transfer submitted separately. This means that moving two or more characters to one server would require two submissions and moving one character to two or more servers would also require two. Regarding Legacy servers, players can transfer between Legacy servers or from non-Legacy to Legacy, but Legacy-to-non-Legacy transfers are not allowed; this is likely due to the fact that Legacy servers are dedicated to players who had prior experience with either the original version of FF XIV or Final Fantasy XI. To help alleviate the search for less populated servers, take a look at our official listing of Japan and North America/Europe servers here.

The process of using the World Transfer Service is as follows:

Step 1: Players must remove anything that attaches their character(s) to the server. What this mean is that Free Company allegiances must be ended, Moogle mails must be deleted, market sales must be ended, and all petitions must be removed or completed; characters who are less than three days old are not eligible for transfer.

Step 2: Log into the Mog Station. The Mog Station can be found on the FF XIV home page as well as the game launcher.

Step 3: Apply for a World Transfer. Doing so is done in the Mog Station, so following the onscreen instructions is all that's required to do so. 

As we previously reported, gil transfer will be limited to three million per character, and any amount over that will simply be lost. So, if players have a vast amount over that, it's probably best to spend the gil to reach that amount, since all items, gear, and minions will transfer without consequence.

Commencing Tuesday Oct. 15, players will be able to access the World Transfer Service free of charge for only seven days. Be warned that many players may be looking to do the same thing, so the process may take longer than desired. Nonetheless, the transfer service is free, and it will help to bring friends together and even out server quantities.

Do you intend to utilize this feature while it's free? If interested, PSU's server is Ultros, and we always love having PSU fans and affiliates join us online; for more information on PSUltros, jump over to PSU's official FF XIV forum.