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New PS4 trailer: The Best Place to Play

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on 23 October 2013

I'm already sold on the possibility that PlayStation 4 will be "the best place to play" when it launches in North America on November 15. But you shouldn't take my word for it. After all, I've owned only one PlayStation device on launch day--PlayStation Vita--and I'm ever-so-slightly biased. My first home console was the original PlayStation, and most of my all-time favorite games are exclusive to the brand.

Instead of taking my word for it, you should check out the latest PS4 advertisement, which features a bevy of quotes from game publications like PSU over glamorous shots of the console and its games. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been hitting it out of the park with this videos (check out the nostalgic "For the Players Since '95" ad, as well).

Is this the kind of promo video that will get people around the world queuing for a PS4 at launch? Will there be any consoles available at launch for those who didn't pre-order? Are you just uncontrollably excited that a new generation of PlayStation is about to begin? Let us know in the comments below.