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No HDMI capture on PS4 at launch, look to 'upcoming system software update'

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on 30 October 2013

Following the news that PlayStation 4 users won't be able to stream gameplay video to YouTube, the official PlayStation Blog has also confirmed that HDMI capture devices won't be supported by PS4 at launch.

It will still be possible to put PS4 video content on YouTube via workaround, as a user could livestream to Twitch, archive that footage, and upload it to his or her YouTube channel. Recording and uploading gameplay video to Facebook is also an option. But game press and enthusiast users alike enjoy the freedom of capturing and storing video at their leisure, leaving PS4's non-support of HDMI capture devices as something of a disappointment.

However, there is hope: FAQ author Sid Shuman declares that support for HDMI capture devices will be added to PS4 in an "upcoming system software update." There's no timetable given for when we might expect this patch, but one can imagine that a host of system stability and bug fixes might take priority in the weeks and months ahead.

Does lack of YouTube sharing and HDMI capture support dampen your enthusiasm for PS4? Give us your take in the comments below.