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Diablo III's new enemies announced for Reaper of Souls expansion

on 6 November 2013

Blizzard has reveled ten new enemies for their Diablo 3 expansion pack Reaper of Souls. Set in the town of Westmarch, Malthael, the Angel of Death has unleashed his ghastly lieutenants and baleful constructs, which are listed below.

Death Maiden Urzael: "Appointed by the Angiris Council , Urzael is Malthael's most loyal servants, accompanied by the sect of maidens they search for Malthael after his disappearance."

Executioner: "Drawn up from the deepest, prisons of Westmarch. Malthael birthed them in forms that matched their twisted, callous souls creating the perfect instrument of slaughter."

Exorcist: "Once spiritual warriors specializing in removing demonic possessions these souls have been turned the roam the city stripping the souls from all they encounter."

Ghastly Seraph: "The Seraph uses magical tendrils the grab hold and immobilize the citizens of the city."

Revenant Archer: "A revenant archer that has been imbued with the ability to sense the living through stone, wood, and the ground itself."

Revenant Shield Guard: "Revenant shield guards were the personal guard of King Justiniam IV. They were appointed to the position for bravery and sill at arms."

Revenant Soldier: "Solders of the city of Westmarch transformed by the maiden's magic."

Shadow of Death: "A shadow creature that saps the strength of citizens with the illusion of a pale light."

Summoner of the Dead:"The Summoner of the Dead brings forth reapers at his will, creating a seamlessly limitless army."

War Beast: "Dogs of Westmarch transformed by Malthael's influence into savage wild creatures hunting in packs."

Diablo 3 is currently available on the PlayStation 3, and a PlayStation 4 version is scheduled to release some time next year along with the expansion pack Reaper of Souls. To see our outlook on Diablo 3, check out our review, and for more on Reaper of Souls, stay tuned to PSU.

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