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See picture, video of PS4 taken apart

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on 7 November 2013

With eight days to go until Sony's new console hits store shelves and consumer homes, Sony Computer Entertainment has taken it upon itself to show everyone what the console looks like on the inside.

In the exclusive video provided by, Engineering Director Yasuhiro Ootori from Sony Computer Entertainment demonstrates what it each internal component is and where to find it. Below, we've provided an image of what the PS4 looks like after removing the bottom panel, which is done by removing four screws from the back of the console. As Yasuhiro demonstrates in the video, the screws are covered by official seals, which means that removing them will assumably void the console's warranty.

The only way to watch the PS4 dismantle is to navigate to Wired's page, but it's well worth it, since Yasuhiro goes into great detail about the console and each individual part.

The image below shows the fan on the bottom left, the optic drive on the bottom right, the heat sink on the top left, and the power supply on the back side. 

There's something about taking things apart that makes us at PSU really anticipative, and seeing the PS4 in all its glory is enough to lose sleep over. What do you guys think about the hardware? Navigate back here after watching the video, which can be found right here, and let us know your thoughts on the hardware.