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Killzone: Shadow Fall controls, gameplay, abilities revealed in latest video

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on 9 November 2013

In Killzone: Shadow Fall, you'll play as Lucas Keller, a Shadow Marshal in service of the VSA. The PlayStation 4 launch title is a visual powerhouse and potential multiplayer hit, but a passing glance might belie a basic shooter with next-gen trappings. Yet Guerrilla Games' latest video demonstrates that Killzone: Shadow Fall is anything but basic.

Witness the Shadow Marshal Tactical Combat Tutorial, in which a narrator explains, over gameplay footage, how to use the OWL drone's various functions, recover health, and how the game's user interface conveys important tactical information. For example, you can only deploy a nano-shield if there are three feet of free space in front of you. You can release an ECHO pulse that scans the environment for enemies by pressing Right on the D-pad, or hold it for greater range--but holding too long will cause a short that alerts enemies to your position.

It's important stuff, and while there aren't a lot of new gameplay settings shown off here, the video itself is very informative and a great way to stave off Killzone hunger while you wait for the PS4 launch on November 15--or, November 29, for our EU community.

Peep the video below, and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on Killzone's gameplay and controls. Is Guerrilla Games doing enough to innovate within the franchise and set it apart from other shooters?