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PS4 sales to outpace Xbox One by 2:1

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on 11 November 2013

Sales of the PlayStation 4 are expected to outstrip those of Xbox One by a ratio of two to one, according to analysts Leadsift (via NowGamer).

Interestingly, the firm got the results by having a gander at various tweets on Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation systems, specifically which console users said they were intending to purchase.

Over a fortnight, 253,182 users tweeted about PS4, while 145,574 tweeted about the Xbox One. Furthermore, 7,601 said they were going to buy a PS4, while 4,333 expressed their desire to purchase an Xbox One.

Apparently, Microsoft’s console received approximately twice as many negative comments from twitter users as the PS4, too.

Of course, whether this translates into actual retail sales is another kettle of fish altogether.  However, there have been numerous predictions from other sources that put Sony’s new home console ahead of Microsoft’s machine in the next-generation punch-up.

Just last week, it was reported by a GameStop manager that PS4 was topping its leading rival in pre-orders.

PS4 is due out in the U.S. on Friday and arrives in Europe on November 29. Xbox One ships on November 22 in both territories.