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PS4 gets Xbox creator's seal of approval: 'It's a good looking console,' says Teague

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on 19 November 2013

FastCoDesign has today published an interview with design consultancy firm Teague, the company responsible for the original Xbox design. In the interview, Teague were asked to comment on the PlayStation 4.

Teague had this to say about the PS4's design: "In terms of the PS4’s console design, it’s clear Sony is paying homage to its finest moment, the PS2 Slim--a super svelte, super powerful system that remains the greatest technical marvel of console hardware to this day. The PS4's matte/gloss dissected box is a subtle nod to PlayStation heritage that signals Sony is serious about returning to its gaming roots."

Teague then moved the conversation onto the Light Bar, which they were also full of praise for: "It’s worth mentioning just how well the PS4 light bar is executed; it now provides functional feedback cues through more emotional color hues and behaviors--a major improvement on the schizophrenic LED indicators of previous PlayStation consoles."

Teague seemed overall to like the PS4, ending its appraisal with the following observations: "The PS4 is a good-looking, nicely proportioned console that fits well into the modern living room. Luckily for Sony, fit and finish aren’t typically deal breakers. A lot can be forgiven if the on-screen gaming experience is delivered as promised. And for hard-core gamers, this delivery is all about the controller."

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