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GameStop set to sell 2.3 million more PS4s this quarter

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on 21 November 2013

GameStop has announced that the American video game vendor still has well over one million PlayStation 4 consoles to sell.

According to Game Informer, GameStop is set to move at least another million PS4s before the end of the quarter, which includes the holiday season. In fact, the retailer also confirmed that it has 2.3 million customers that are still waiting for their PS4 consoles. Considering that the PS4 already sold over a million consoles on the first day, which is a figure that spans across all North American vendors, the fact that a distributor, even one as big as GameStop, has 2.3 million orders still waiting to process for the PS4 leaves a lot of potential for the console in its early life span. One can only imagine how many more customers in the US alone across all video game outlets still have outstanding PS4 orders waiting to process.

This figure accompanies other positive numbers for Sony and the PS4. With a hardware failure rate less than 1% and a manufacturing cost of $381, the PS4 is already looking financially beneficial for Sony.

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