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PSN password resets apparently prompted by FIFA 14 Trading Card exploit

on 4 December 2013

A report from Gaming Bolt indicates that the PlayStation Network may have experienced hacking late last month.

In fact, Sony last week issued spontaneous and required password changes for many PlayStation accounts, which were prompted from"irregular activity." Users from Reddit have have taken to the net with their financial frustration, where some users have had their credit cards, which are bound to their PSN accounts, charged substantial amounts of money for FIFA 14 downloads, specifically regarding the Ultimate Team game mode and its Trading Cards that are purchasable with actual cash. One such example had $135 charged to the card bound to his or her account.

The situation for these scammed individuals is sporadic, where some of them are able to have their money returned while others are told "all sales final."



Another user, who had this same issue on the Xbox 360, was able to have the $135 he or she lost returned, but the process took almost three weeks.

Official word regarding this matter hasn't left the lips of Sony, EA Sports, or Microsoft, so we can only hope that they're working in tandem to clear the matter up cleanly; arguably, since nothing has been said, the situation should not be as detrimental as it may seem to be. Nonetheless, we at PSU recommend that all readers keep an eye on their accounts, and if at all possible, do not save your credit card information on the network; the time spent entering card numbers for each purchase is far less costly than the time needed to fix money lost fraudulently.