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Devil's Third update: 'it's pretty well along,' says dev

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on 5 December 2013

The creator behind Devil’s Third has confirmed that the project is still very much underway following a long period of silence.

Speaking during the latest issue of Famitsu (via Polygon), Tomonobu Itagaki revealed that he is in the process of conversing with publishers in order to secure the game a release.

“It’s going along really well. We’re discussing things with publishers; we’re continuing to expand on and deepen the gameplay. That’s about the level we’re at," he said.

Quizzed as to why he hasn’t spoken about the game in detail recently, he replied: “That’s because we haven’t released any information. It’s like we’re continuing to go along under the surface, waiting for the right timing to launch our missiles. Besides, if we revealed where we were hiding under the surface, it wouldn’t be much of a war, would it?”

Finally, Itagaki-san was asked if the game would make an appearance at E3 2014:

“That’s part of the reason I went independent, after all. The game itself is pretty well along in development. I’m building upon the context I’ve created up to now to provide gameplay that will really surprise people. I’m not sure there’s really a game like this on consoles, and I’d like fans to know that I’m definitely building this up Itagaki-style.”

Devil’s Third was originally revealed back in 2008, and was due to be published by THQ. However, due to the publisher’s then-ongoing financial troubles, it was dropped from the line-up and it wasn’t long before the publisher itself went under.

Since then, Itagaki-san has been shopping around for potential publishers and has insisted the game will see a release at some point.

Stay tuned to for more details.