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Watch Gran Turismo 6 opening cinematic, featuring beautiful game, art and car development

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on 5 December 2013

Polyphony Digital, on the eve of the next Gran Turismo release, posted the opening cinematic for Gran Turismo 6, care of PlayStation Blog.

This cinematic is a bit different from that of Gran Turismo 5. GT5 focused on the actual manufacturing of the vehicles, including the warehouse work involved, as well as the cars themselves; but this time around, Polyphony has set the spotlight on the development side of GT6 itself. The cinematic features cars being sculpted from clay as well as drawn and designed, and the team itself comes into the foreground in a sort of celebratory fashion that puts the efforts of the team in perspective. 

Of course, it ends with a beautiful montage of cars taking to the tracks, showing off the detail in both the cars and the maps themselves. Take a look for yourself, and let us know in the comments below your thoughts on what Polyphony Digital has in store for tomorrow's Gran Turismo 6 adopters; also, pay attention for a moon rover.