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Batman: Arkham Knight features and storyline leaked

on 5 March 2014

In the upcoming April issue of Game Informer magazine, which was revealed yesterday showing a cover feature for Batman: Arkham Knight, readers will be treated to a Bat-tastic load of information for Rocksteady Studios’ final game in the Arkham series.

A reader at NeoGaf has posted a lot of these details, which gives us a real insight into what we can expect, including the storyline, the game world and the array of gadgets on offer.

It wouldn’t be fair for us to post all of the details here, so you’ll have to check out Game Informer for the full picture, but some of the highlights include:

- A game world that is five times larger than Gotham City
- A brand new villain called the Arkham Knight
- The ability to call the Batmobile at any point in the game
- The ability to eject from the Batmobile and glide over Gotham
- New moves, including the option to use gadgets in-flight
- Enemy riots with up to 50 people on screen at one time

Yesterday, the official announcement trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight was revealed as well as the worldwide release date of October 14, 2014. Don’t forget to check out the April issue of Game Informer for more details.