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How PlayStation poker games can improve real-world strategy

on 19 March 2014

Looking for an extra fix of poker away from casinos and online poker tournaments? Consoles now provide a number of titles that bring poker to millions of gamers worldwide who can compete against the computer and other players online. Playing poker games on PlayStation consoles could create a generation of good quality poker players who learn the ropes and form strategies that are effective in big money tournaments.

Poker on Playstation

Since the 19th Century, poker has remained a popular card game played across numerous venues where people could enjoy the tension, excitement and drama of betting against others whilst hoping the cards fall in their favour. Poker was traditionally played throughout Western America where sheriffs and cowboys would travel between towns and saddle up for the night with a drink at the saloon bar where games of poker and blackjack were played. It has since transformed into a global phenomenon, with multi-million euro tournaments held across the world as amateur and professional poker players pit their wits against each other for big money. The emergence of online casinos and gaming apps upon smartphone and tablet devices effectively revolutionsed the industry, particularly the former which generated a considerable boom in interest from sponsors and television broadcasters who instantly realised the potential of supporting a growing game. It created a new wave of poker players who established huge poker learning communities in the hope of being able to bluff or bet strongly in order to assert a dominant chip lead and win prestigious tournaments.

From casino to console

Like many card-based games, poker carries the unique beauty of being able to be organised and played in a number of venues. Poker can also be enjoyed in a recreational form, as groups of friends can purchase poker sets that include table felt and poker chips to re-create the casino experience in the comfort of a household. Although the transition has not yet resulted in the ability to play poker, or any other casino games, for real money, the game has been developed across console platforms to further extend the variety of methods in which poker enthusiasts can play their favourite game.


The World Series of Poker 2008 - Battle for the Bracelets for the PlayStation 3 received positive reviews across the Sony community for effectively replicating the Las Vegas experience and the smooth playing style of poker in a virtual world. One of the beneficial features of the title is a training section which provides invaluable knowledge for amateurs or people who are new to poker to understand the rules and learn basic skills and techniques which can be utilised in the game.

Stacked with Daniel Negreanu was a highly anticipated game for the PlayStation 2 as it was endorsed by one of the best professional players in the world, which naturally stood the title in good stead for avid poker players.


The same console also saw the release of the World Championship Poker 2 game which put players up against some of the most famous names in poker, such as Annie Duke and Greg Raymer, with fourteen game types available offering hours of endless fun at the poker table.

Red Dead Redemption and Fallout: New Vegas were huge hits with PlayStation 3 gamers through superb gameplay and storyline that were captivating and enthralling in equal measure. Both titles effectively incorporated poker and casino gambling into the overall gameplay, although neither were predominately based upon poker. Red Dead Redemption illustrated the game's history through the ability to play poker games in saloon bars within each town, whereas Fallout: New Vegas allowed players to walk into well preserved casinos in the middle of a nuclear apocalypse to play poker, with robots employed as croupiers to deal and oversee house rules

Strategy is the key

While every past and present poker game is based upon the use of fake money, it can provide the foundations for poker players to establish a strategy and effective techniques that could be integrated into the casino or big money tournaments. Certain gamers may choose to bet with a care-free attitude as fake money carries no real implications or loss, but placing extra care and consideration into every bet and treating it like it was real money can be fundamental in improving your overall game. Poker players can learn how to treat every hand and situation like they were playing against people in a tournament or casino; although certain principles differ in that console and online poker disables you from seeing the body reaction of other players, the overall strategy and technique can be mastered within betting, raising and folding to be more savvy in big money tournaments. Learning about poker strategies and techniques has been proven to have a considerable effect on overall levels of success, and can make the crucial difference to overcome other players who go into a tournament with no strategy or real plan.