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SCE London Studio's mysterious PS4 title will include Project Morpheus integration

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on 16 April 2014

SCE London Studio – the developers of The Getaway: Black Monday and most recently, PS4’s Playroom – has posted a job listing on the official PlayStation jobs website for work on a Project Morpheus-developed title.

The listing, for that of an experienced Sound Designer, doesn’t delve into any specific details with regards to the actual development, but if SCE London’s most-recent party-orientated games are anything to go by then it may well be a multiplayer-based, family-friendly offering.

However, a spate of listings cropped up as early as last year which seem to suggest a more environment and vehicle-based game is in development at the studio. Given the fact that the company’s worked on canned titles such as the Getaway on PS3 and even Eight Days, this new title may well be a fully-realised action game – complete with Project Morpheus integration. Here’s to hoping.

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