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Sony pushed for Titanfall on PlayStation Vita but weren't ready for PS4 version

17 April 2014

The PC and Xbox exclusive Titanfall was a target for Sony’s PlayStation Vita but developer Respawn Entertainment turned it down.

Initially, Respawn had approached Sony with a view to bringing TitanFall to PlayStation 4, but at the time Sony was not ready to reveal the specifications of its next-gen hardware. At that point, however, Sony told Respawn that it wanted to work with them on a PS Vita version of the game which has never materialised. No reason was given for Respawn turning down Sony’s offer.

The revelation comes from a feature by Geoff Keighley titled ‘The Final Hours of Titanfall’ with excerpts revealing the information posted on Gamespot. With rave reviews of TitanFall on Xbox One hitting Metacritic, Sony must now be kicking itself that it missed out on a PS4 release, but perhaps it also says something about the current attitude of big developers toward Vita that Respawn didn’t feel that it was worth creating a port of its triple-A title.

Well, at least TitanFall 2 might come to PS4?

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