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Nine PlayStation Now-compatible Sony Bravia TVs launching in June

17 April 2014

Sony has confirmed that its new range of PlayStation Now-compatible 4K Bravia televisions will be released in June.

Originally unveiled at CES 2014, there will be nine different models of TVs available in the range with various price points from $2,099 for a 49 inch screen to a pricey $24,999 for an 85 inch beast.

PlayStation Now is the upcoming feature from Sony that utilises the Gaikai-based streaming service to allow users to stream PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games, with PlayStation 4 titles set to be added at a later date. The Bravia TVs will require users to connect their DualShock 3 controllers to the sets in order to stream a range of PlayStation titles.

We continue to be the only company that offers a complete lineup of consumer 4K products, including TVs, front projectors, cameras, and camcorders, while also leading the industry in providing 4K content," said Mike Fasulo, president at Sony Electronics, who went on to state that the company is “leading the 4K movement.

The subscription-based PlayStation Now service has yet to receive a release date, but is expected to be launched sometime between Q2 and Q3 2014.

Source: IGN

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