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PS4 video uploads to extend beyond Facebook this month -- rumor

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on 17 April 2014

If there’s one thing that PS4 gamers have lamented about their brand-spanking new machine’s ‘share’ feature is that videos were only ever able to be uploaded to Facebook; luckily, things may be about to change for the better.

Tidux, the NeoGAF industry insider who presided over leaked information regarding Sony’s latest PS4 firmware 1.7 update, and who originally lifted the more technical lid on ‘share’ features as early as last September, has answered a query from a forumite in a PS4-specific thread regarding the ability to upload captured video to somewhere other than Facebook, mentioning that come the end of April the ability may certainly come to fruition.

Check the post out here.

So, in line with Sony’s English Community Manager this week commenting about how April will ring in a slew of exciting PS4-related announcements, could this be one? We certainly hope so as the necessity for a Facebook account is a real black spot in an otherwise interesting feature.

Give us your thoughts below and as ever we’ll keep you posted with any developments in the coming days.