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Chariot brings couch co-op, physics platforming to PS4

on 30 April 2014

Frima Studio, the small team behind Zombie Tycoon 2, is developing Chariot, a two-player platformer, for PlayStation 4.

Chariot's twist, beyond the wholly appreciated local co-op, is a host of physics-based platforming that makes the princess' journey to bring her father's remains to a suitable resting place all the more tricky. It's an unconventional premise that fits the unconventional idea of release an offline co-op game (with no online modes to speak of) in today's landscape.

But in a world where the opposite scenario is far too common, local co-op could be a breath of fresh air. Chariot's visuals offer similar promise, with a cartoon style that (in humble opinion) interestingly blends elements of Braid and Rayman Origins.

The deceased king, whose remains need transporting by the princess and her fiancé, demands to be buried with a vast wealth of gold and treasure, so exploring Chariot's many caves and underground mazes is a top priority. You'll be tugging the king's chariot along the way, "pushing, pulling, riding, reeling" and more in wrangling with the game's physics either solo or with a friend.

Check out some screenshots below, read Frima's full post over at the PlayStation Blog, and check out our review of Frima's Zombie Tycoon 2, a fun RTS-lite that pours on the difficulty quickly.