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Sony Computer Entertainment trademarks mysterious 'Guns Up!'

on 3 May 2014

With the famed Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) rising steadily towards our shores, it’s only natural that any semblance of evidence – however miniscule – that points towards a reveal of any kind, or even that a game’s development is underway for a Sony console, will be pounced upon by the gaming masses.

In line with that, it’s been revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment has trademarked the name, ‘’Guns Up!’’ for use in videogame software – a move that will most certainly whet the appetites of PlayStation aficionados.

It’s unclear whether or not the trademark relates to a brand-new Sony-owned IP, or if it’s even a named entry in a well-known series – we’ll let you put your thinking hats on as to what series it may relate to if the latter turns out to be true.

Although its reveal may be a way off, there’s little doubt that E3 will house a ton of Sony-related announcements. So as ever, let us know what you think below and stay tuned to PSU for all the latest news when it hits.