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Turok Demo coming soon

So Turok is just around the corner, who else is ready to go Jurassic Park on these extinct creatures? Ready or not, Propaganda Games, the developers of Turok are prepared to release a demo to PSN over the coming weeks.

The details about the demo are a bit cloudy, and all we currently know at this time is that there is in fact a demo expected to arrive shortly.  Furthermore, Tim Lewinson, Associate Director of Propaganda Games commented that “Dinos,” which happen to be A.I. Bots are scattered around multiplayer maps and will be located on both teams wreaking havoc within the environment causing you to stay on your toes. Lewinson, confirmed a 3 map online co-op experience that will flesh out the story from the single player campaign. Finally when asked about how well will the PS3 port stack up to the Xbox 360 counterpart, he stated, “The PS3 game rocks as hard as the 360 version. No worries there.”

Set to release next month, Turok makes its debut onto the new generation of gaming with ease. The game takes place in the not too distant future on a genetically altered planet. Gamers will take the control of Joseph Turok, a Special Ops solider whose space craft has crash landed on this planet, where he must eliminate a war criminal. However, once Turok steps foot on this mysterious world, he finds out that the situation is much more complicated than expected.