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Sony is confident PS4 will beat profits earned by PS2

Sony boss Kazuo Hirai has stated the company believes PlayStation 4 will eclipse the 155 million selling PlayStation 2 as its most profitable video games console ever released.

“It is likely that PS4 will become the platform which exceeds profits earned with PS2,” Hirai-san was quoted saying during a corporate strategy meeting this week (via Eurogamer translation).

It’s a long way to go, but PS4 has already got off to a superb start, selling over seven million units since its launch in November 2013.

Sony's latest financial results recorded a $1.25 billion loss, which was partly attributed to the costly launch of its next-generation home console. For its next FY, the corporation plans to sell a combined total of 17 million PS3 and PS4s.

Despite this, analysts feel that Xbox One will take the lead in U.S. sales by as early as 2015.

Do you think that PS4 has a shot at becoming Sony’s most profitable system? Or is PS2 destined to hold onto that crown? Share your thoughts below.