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Ultra Street Fighter 4 punching its way onto PS4 -- rumor

Rumors are rapidly gathering pace that Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV is headed to PayStation 4.

The beat-’em-up, which is an upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV/Arcade Edition featuring new characters and other bits and bobs, was mentioned for Sony’s new home console in an ad for Mad Catz’s USFIV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition 2.

Specifically, the company said that it is possible to switch between using the peripheral on PS3 and PS4.

Not only that, but Street Fighter overlord Yoshinori Ono has teased that he’ll be making an announcement of some description at E3 next week. He’s also busy making preparations for an Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament.

Earlier this year, he tweeted a picture showing off a Blanka figurine alongside a DualShock 4 pad, further hinting at a PS4 SKU.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is available as a digital download now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game will be released on disc and PC later this summer.

Stay tuned for our review at PSU in the next few days.

via MP1st