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E3 2014: Far Cry 4 online co-op on PS4 will only require one copy of the game

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on 9 June 2014

Adam Boyes announced a PlayStation-exclusive feature for Ubisoft's Far Cry 4.

The demonstration featured the player swooping to the outskirts of a fortress from a motorized hanglider. In the midst of the fight, the player made a call to a friend, and an actual player joined in on his campaign, making the event that much easier to handle. After the video, Adam stated that the friend that joined into the game was able to do so without actually having a second copy of the game. So, that means that a player who will own Far Cry 4 will be able to have a friend join his or her game without the friend actually owning the copy. 

The highlight of this feature is that this game-share featurette will be completely exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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