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MGS Online starter pack included in MGS4, DLC will follow

According to an interview that took place during CES 2008, the confirmed news has been reported that Metal Gear Solid Online will come packaged with MGS4. There had been a ton of speculation revolving around the online package and if it was going to be a separate purchase or not. However, now we know for sure that MGS: Online will be included as a starter pack only.

In an interview done with UK Gamespot, Konami’s director put the rumors finally to rest.

They have yet to release any information such as game modes or what maps will be included within the online starter pack. They have only given us the facts that elements for an online component within Metal Gear Solid 4 will be available for you to get enjoyment out of the online experience.

Considering it’s just a starter pack like famed battle cards that have been a craze over the last decade; we can easily expect there to be add-ons in some form or fashion. Now whether these add-ons come in the appearance of downloadable content or through literal expansion packs like you’d find with an MMORPG is still unknown.

Due to statements made by the Konami executive, we feel that the downloadable content is more of a realistic expectation considering the mention of providing content through-out the year. That would hardly be financially efficient to release expansion packs to retail stores everywhere, when a user could simply download from their home PlayStation 3.

If anything else breaks on this story, we’ll be sure to let you know.