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Troubleshoot PS4's screen flickering, on-screen green bars

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on 22 July 2014

A new troubleshooting technique has hit the net for PlayStation 4 owners having issues with flickering screens and green bars on their television screens.

From the adviced shown through PlayStation's Knowledge Center, the flickering and green bars from which some PS4 owners may suffer stems from a hardware compatibility with their televisions, specifically regarding the Deep Color Output option. In order to change this setting, follow this navigation:

[Settings] > [Sound and Screen] > [Video Output Settings]

In the Video Output Settings menu, navigate down to the last option labeled "Deep Color Output," and change it from "Automatic" to "Off."

If any PS4 owners have experienced these two issues, please let us know if this settings suggestion helps alleviate the issue; also, let us know if it doesn't work or if another option has helped remedy these visual complications.