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Riddick remake confirmed *Update Trailer Tonight

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The Chronicles of Riddick officially thrashing its way to next generation consoles.

A few weeks ago many gaming sites were hinting that the Chronicles of Riddick could hit next generation consoles. This brought up many rumors, anticipation, questions, and tons of happy gamers. The original game was on the first Xbox and was said to be one of the best games on the console. The title is based off the blockbuster movie, Chronicles of Riddick, and will now be given a next-gen polish, and then some.

The new game will officially be called "Assault on Dark Athena", and is expected to hit both PS3 and Xbox 360. The developers tell us to expect over 50 percent more levels, and other content, and above all a great online mode. Commentary along with other key features to the game is expected to be similar to the directors cut version of the initial game we saw on PC.

The first game to the series took the world by surprise by having some of the most extraordinary graphics and gameplay many gamers have ever seen. It's one of the very few movie-to-game adaptations to be successful, and in this case, surpasses the movie in every way. The game has not yet received a official release date but gamers are sure to be hyped that they will see one of the best games of last generation hit this generation.

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Source: Eurogamer



If you're a gamer that is all cought up in the rumors regarding Chronicles of Riddick coming to PS3 then you may want to catch Game Head tonight. Along with new gameplay and news about Resident Evil, Simpsons, and Pirates of Caribean, they will feature some new info about Chronicles Riddick Assault on Dark Athena. The show has rumored to have some un-announced info about along with possible footage of the game. If your a gamer anticipating the game i suggest you tune in tonight!

Source: Kotaku