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Stranglehold Collector's Edition coming exclusively to PS3

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Midway is planning to offer a collector's edition of Stranglehold, exclusively on PS3, that will include a Blu-ray movie. The combo will include both a full length game and full length movie, both in high definition, for a little more than the price of the standalone game. The movie Midway is planning to include is called Hard Boiled.

The company has announced that they will not force consumers to buy the special edition package and will provide gamers with an alternate game-only version for $60, but if gamers want the special edition package they will need to tack on another 10 bucks.

The movie-game combo will be released exclusively on PlayStation 3 and utilise its built in Blu-ray drive. The same idea was brought up a while ago for PSP and the UMD, where movie studios would team up with game companies to include playable demos alongside full length movies.

Stranglehold is scheduled to launch in August.