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Rumor: Netflix service coming to the PS3?

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on 12 February 2008

The Internet rumour mill has been in full swing again today, with reports coming in that online rental company Netflix may be bringing its service to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Reports originate from a survey supposedly distributed by the company, which presents consumers with the following question: "If as part of your Netflix membership you could instantly watch movies and TV episodes on your TV with your PS/3 or XBOX 360, how likely would you/anyone in your household be to do that?”

The survey reveals that users will be able to play streaming media on their console by utilizing a "special Netflix disc." Furthermore, aside from paying USD 3 for the disc itself, consumers would not be charged any additional fees.

No mention was given to how the PS3 will handle the Microsoft-based DRM.

Regardless what the survey may indicate, readers should file this one under speculation for the time being, at least until we hear otherwise.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments.