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NCAA '09 to be 60 FPS and more

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EA Sports may catch a lot of flack from the gaming community about subpar ports to the PlayStation 3 or games that may be filled with bugs. Fortunately for sports fans though, NCAA '09 will come through with the promise EA had made last year.  Kendall Boyd, NCAA Football product manager, has stated that NCAA '09 will run at a smooth and beautiful 60 FPS.

With last year serving up a poor 30 FPS in both football franchises, it seemed like EA just didn't care about the PlayStation 3, but Boyd then let these magical words slip through: "The PS3 version will run at 60 frames per second."

One of the coolest things gamers have been given this generation is full analogue control.  Whether it was through Skate, Fight Night Round 3, or MLB 2K8, we had the ability to feel more "in" the game with complete control. Boyd is promising that NCAA will be no exception this year.

"But now, much like when you play Fight Night, you can rotate the analog stick to go into a spin move, and instead of just letting that animation play out, you can now go from animation to animation and juke to juke by your control," commented Boyd. "It's all about the fluidity."

With Boyd promising a plethora of new tackle animations and with the upcoming announcement of the PS3 exclusive NCAA '09 cover in April, it seems like the Sony faithful will have one more bright spot to look forward to in 2008.  With a year that is shaping up to be an incredible year in gaming history, we'll see how well it delivers. 

We'll keep you sports fans updated about this title as more information is released.