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FIFA Interactive World Cup finals in Berlin, May 24

FIFA and EA Sports are drawing to the end of their fourth annual FIFA Interactive World Cup after running for an impressive seven months. With over 25,000 players competing, only thirty-two have made it through to the finals to compete for the honor of FIFA Interactive World Cup champion. The finals will be held at the Sony Center in Berlin on May 24th.

Andries Smit, last year's defending champion, will be competing against the other thirty-one finalists for a cash prize of USD 20,000 and an invitation to the FIFA World Player Gala 2008. A list of the finalists follows after the story and check to see if any of your buddies may it this far in this year's version of the Interactive World Cup.

If you took part in the competition and didn't make it to the final, then its probably a good time to start practicing for next year's FIFA Interactive World Cup, never to early to get ahead of the competition!

The thirty-two finalists are as follows:

* Bjorn Diedricks - South Africa
* Gwan Hyeong Kim - Korea
* Sachith Reddy - India
* Chan Charm Wah - Hong Kong
* Andries Smit - Netherlands
* Roland Csaszar - Hungary
* Christian Lonhart - Denmark
* Pedro Caiado - Portugal
* Alex Barets - France
* Karol Rogaczewski - Poland
* Alfonso Ramos - Spain
* Dominik Posch - Austria
* Ivan Pastyrcak - Slovakia
* Michael Labelle - USA
* Davor Brescakovic - Croatia
* Roberto Garrapa - Italy
* Ruben Morales Zerecero - Mexico
* Tunc Polat - Switzerland
* Buey Siong Tay - Australia
* Ivan Soberon - Spain
* Michael Pommer - Australia
* Max Fayers - England
* Marko Krivokapic - Germany
* Abubakr Ebrahim Akhalwaya - South Africa
* Stephen Coorey - Australia
* Andre Casagrande Buffo - Brazil
* Didi Otisi - USA
* Michael Ribeiro - USA
* Carl Condliffe - New Zealand
* Chris Bullard - England
* Danny Taylor - England
* Mustafa Agyuez - Germany