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GTA IV most expensive game ever?

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on 1 May 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV cost developer Rockstar Games an estimated USD 100 million making it the most expensive videogame ever created, according to the game’s Producer, Leslie Benzies.

Benzies told The Times Online that over 1000 individuals worked on the project during its three and a half year development cycle, estimating that the sandbox title cost around USD 100 to create.

Should this figure prove accurate, it would make GTA IV the most expensive title ever created, beating out SEGA’s Dreamcast title, Shenmue, which cost the company USD 70 million.

He also touched on the criticism the title has faced in the press, commenting, "You kill prostitutes. That's usually the objection.”
"There is a big fear factor here. It's the coming of the railways. It's Elvis shaking his hips. It's cars going over 25 miles an hour and making people explode."

"We've had such a beating over the past three years. If I get into a confrontation about it, once I've had my beating, I ask if they've ever played the game," he added. "Invariably they haven't."