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Capcom dates Rocketmen add-on pack

Capcom has confirmed that the upcoming expansion pack Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus will be released on the North American PlayStation Store on May 15, priced at USD 4.95.

The expansion pack, which functions as an add-on to the PSN/XBL title, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil, contains the following content:

Three New Weapons:

-Blobber: A projectile weapon that fires blobs of goo at enemies, causing damage over a period of time to the area it hits.

-Beamer: A highly destruction weapon that discharges bolts of lighting at enemies

-Bomber: Fires Grenades at enemies, which detonate on impact causing substantial damage

Two New Secondary Weapons:

-Falcon: A mechanised Falcon that attacks enemies automatically

-Screw Bomb: A Rocket which transforms itself into a proximity-based explosive on impact

In addition to the above, three new levels will also be included.

Stay tuned.