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New PS3 Trophy Gamercard now available on

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New social networking site today unveiled a new PS3 trophy "gamer card" similar to the Xbox 360 version which enables users to place their latest PSN trophies and level information in their forum signatures and Myspace pages.

The system currently fully supports all 17 achievements for Super Stardust HD and will grow to support all trophies for PS3 games as-and-when they are patched by developers.

The gamercard reflects the look and feel of the official PSN profile gamercard available to PS3 gamers via the PS3 XMB. We have some exclusive images (see below). The gamer card creator tool is now live on the site so check it out!

Our only (small!) gripe with the service is that it is not yet fully automated as you have to update it manually. However the Playfire team have assured us that they are working hard to correct this by getting automated support for the system extremly soon.

The default look - (Available now!) by visiting the Playfire PSN widget creator tool.

Super Stardust HD - (coming soon!)

Killzone 2 theme - (coming soon!)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots theme - (coming soon!)

LittleBigPlanet Theme - (coming soon)

In addition have sent us some pretty cool future future integrations of what they are working on behind the scenes. It appears from the screenshot below (click the image to enlarge) that you will be able to track your level progress over time as well as see when your friends are online and an advanced stats break/trophy break down.


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Source: Playfire Blog post