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Bioshock PS3 visuals no different than 360 version?

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According to Bioshock senior producer Melissa Miller, the PS3 version of Bioshock will only meet the same visual quality of that seen in Xbox 360 version.

“We’re looking to match the quality of the original version,” Miller commented. “We want to make sure that the water is just as great, and I think you can see from the demonstration, that it looks no different from the 360 version.”

One of our contributing editors, Dave Wales, got some hands-on time with the title at this year's E3, and he assured me otherwise.

"One of the very first things you’ll notice within BioShock [PS3] is that all anti-aliasing issues are now gone. There were absolutely no edging issues or jaggedness to any portions of what was displayed on screen," said Wales. "I almost felt like I was staring at a redesigned title."

So, who to believe, the game's producer or a co-worker? I have to trust Dave with this one.

The PS3 version of the Bioshock has been confirmed to include all original content from the Xbox 360 and PC versions as well as all patches and DLC. In addition, the PS3 version will include its own exclusive content in the form of "Challenge Rooms" and a ridiculously challenging 'survivor' difficulty.

Bioshock on the PlayStation 3 is set to release this October.