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New Tekken 6 details and images

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A playable Arcade version of Namco’s flagship fighting-series’ new offering was shown at a recent Bandai Namco event.

With a third ‘re-release’ of Tekken 5 on the way (namely the online version of DR on PS3), interest in the Tekken series has barely skipped a beat. Now Tekken 6 seems to be nearing completion, and this event brings new details about this highly anticipated sequel.


Firstly, controls are similar to those used in T5: DR, reports Impress Watch (Warning: Japanese Site). Considering the amount of playtime people are likely to have had on 5, this can’t be a bad thing.

New fighting mechanics have also been revealed. The new ‘Rage’ system has been introduced, the idea of this being that the more damage you’ve taken, the more powerful your attacks become. This is a good way to balance out fights that may otherwise be one-sided


Another feature is ‘Items’. Not dissimilar to the capsules in the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games, you purchase and equip items before a match and then you may use it during the fight. Some items include fire arms, others include flingable high heels. Heihachi in high heels, anyone?



40 characters have been announced, with the usual bunch of recurring characters, such as Jin, JACK series, King, Eddy, et al, making their return.

The game displays in 720p, which, although a step down from the 1080 that DR got, is because there are more graphical effects in place.

Tekken 6 should hit arcades by the end of the year. At this time there is no talk of a console version, although it’s highly unlikely it will stay that way for long.

Stay tuned.

Source: IGN