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Afrika to get European release?

29 September 2008

Those French videogame sites are certainly pulling their weight nowadays. According to Play-3 Live (apologies for Google's shonky English version), snap-happy PlayStation 3 adventure game Afrika will be getting a European release, despite Sony's announcements to the contrary.

The news comes to you courtesy of the Photokina event in Cologne last week, at which Sony showed off an English language version of the game. Certain clued-up journalists enquired about this, and were told that Afrika would be hitting Europe in early 2009.

Released this August in Japan, Afrika is a distinctly non-violent proposition. You play a photojournalist hired to grab footage of animals wandering the African savannas. This essentially boils down to taking a balloon or jeep to your target - sorry, subject's pasturing grounds, aiming your rifle - sorry, camera, with the Sixaxis motion controls, and then pootling back to base with the resultant pics.

All of which makes for a refreshing change from the usual high-resolution alien stomping, face breaking or ball kicking. Let's hope Sony okays the rumour soon.

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