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Cage: Heavy Rain is a single-player experience

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Speaking during an interview with, Quantic Dream President and CEO David Cage has said that Heavy Rain's focus is geared more towards interactive narrative and emotion, making the game more personal to the player, rather than a multiplayer experience.

"Heavy Rain's an experience about interactive narrative and emotion, and we really wanted to focus on making these core elements right," said Cage. "The game will support the Trophy system and may offer some kind of extra content online, but Heavy Rain is a single-player experience."

However, Cage revealed that the online arena is something which Quantic Dream may pursue in the future. According to Cage, the company has now reached a point where they can begin working on multiple projects, with online being one of their next steps.

"The company has now reached another stage where we're ready to have two and soon three projects at the same time, with the same desire of ambition and originality," he said.
"Online is definitely going to be one of our next steps. This industry changes quickly, and online is going to be a key component of not only gameplay, but also of distribution in the near future."

Heavy Rain is due out exclusively on PlayStation 3 in 2009.