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Official Resistance map pack announcment

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Yesterday we reported that the worldwide online play and map pack update was announced for UK Resistance: Fall of Man servers. Well Sony has officaly announced in a recent blog post that the updates will be out tomorrow worldwide. Along with this announcment Sony explains what the major problem was and has apologized.

The post states the server maintenance is completely done, and even with recent testing, no one has touched anything meaning the servers are free of bugs and are ready to go live. Sony explained that instead of releasing the update with the standard Thursday Store refreshes, they are doing a special Friday release date so gamers don’t have to wait much longer.

Sony then went on to explain the exact reason why the update was delayed so long.

“We found out that enabling of global play would have caused all of the clans in Europe, Japan and Asia to be wiped out, clan stats and all. Needless to say, the decision was easy: hold the content, fix the bug and make [sure] there were no other stat anomalies.”

“With enough lines of code to launch a rocket into orbit, sometimes a data collision at the last minute, at the last build, at the last test can happen.”

Hopefully fans will appreciate that the bug was found, as the backlash from such an error could have been disastrous.

The update is due out on 29th June in the afternoon (PST) across North America, and in the evening in Europe.