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Bioware to Attend E3, Possible PS3 Announcement?

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Today, community director at Bioware confirmed that they will be attending E3 this year.


" Yes there has been a great deal of speculation of will we or won’t we be at E3 this year. We didn’t want to confirm anything until we were sure that the cool stuff we’re going to be showing there was set, ready and very, very cool. Now that it is, we can confirm what many of you had already guessed that we will be at E3 this year.

Now that I have confirmed that we’ll be there, I will now disappear to leave you to speculate about what coolness is that we will be showing there. You won’t be getting any more hints out of me, just the usual teases about how very cool this is gonna be."

You can pretty much guarantee that Bioware will show off new Mass Effect trailers and playable demos as well as make more announcements on the Sonic RPG.

However PSU would like to add to the hype by speculating that Bioware will announce their PS3 exclusive they've been working on at E3. We first heard about the exclusive when we met with Richard Vogel, Director of Operations at Bioware back at this years Game Developers Conference. He mentioned that a game was in the works and that it would be for the PS3, but other than that was he reluctant to reveal any details.

PSU will keep you posted on any updates from Bioware.